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wedding photography San Francisco


The Art of Emotion is composed of a family of award-winning wedding photographers in the San Francisco bay area. Capturing emotion is the 'focal point' of The Art of Emotion wedding photography. Documenting the start of your life together through photography is an art.

Choosing your wedding photographer can be viewed as the most important choice of your wedding day (aside from your choice of groom or bride!). It is the photographer who bears the responsibility to record your memories, document your day, tell the visual story. It's an investment in your memories. Those photos are irreplaceable; being a photographer is a huge responsibility and a great honor.

Choosing a wedding photographer is also an art as you will want your photographs to reflect who you are as a couple. You can't recreate a wedding, so photography is the ultimate documentary assignment and the photographer has only has one chance, one 'shot'. As time goes by after the wedding, everything else is going to be forgotten and only remembered through the photographs. In one survey, a year after the wedding many brides felt that they should have spent less on the dress and more on the memories. Memories are priceless. By choosing the right photographer, it's possible to relive your wedding day through your wedding images.

Contemporary wedding photography involves informal photojournalism, that shows more genuine emotions. Likely illustrative photography will also be used, setting the scene and stepping back for a spontaneous feel. Most contemporary wedding photography aims for candid shots from a distance, usually catching real moments. Posed or formal photography is usually used only for family formal portraits. In the San Francisco bay area, the wedding photography trend is using photojournalism, candid photography along with illustrative artistic style. Typically digital photography has the advantage of ease of posting online and taking more pictures in the day.

Besides looking for the wedding photographer that is best for you, you may still be considering what would be the best wedding location. The San Francisco bay area is a wonderful place for wedding photographer, offering everything from edgy and urban to quaint, from ocean view to winery, country club or estate. The Art of Emotion has done wedding photography all over the bay area, in San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, Palo Alto, south bay, Carmel, Monterey, Napa, Sonoma, San Jose, Santa Clara, Pleasanton, Livermore, east bay, Santa Cruz and Aptos.

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Wedding planning in the bay area - as you are planning your bay area wedding, and if you are looking for contemporary, artistic, romantic wedding photography, contact us at The Art of Emotion Photography.

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